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Yara Jasso

Senior Specialist SRES®

Yara’s not your typical Real Estate Senior Specialist Agent. She has had the pleasure of working with many older clients looking to sell their homes. One of her most memorable experiences was working with a couple in their late 80s who had lived in their home for over 50 years.

The sellers had raised their children and grandchildren in this home and had accumulated a lot of memories and belongings over the years. However, they had decided it was time to downsize and move into a retirement community where they could enjoy their golden years without worrying about maintaining a large home.

They were understandably apprehensive about the process of selling their home. They had never sold a property before and were concerned about the time and effort it would take to prepare their home for sale. They were also worried about finding a buyer who would appreciate the home's history and character.

In the end, we found a buyer who fell in love with the home and was willing to pay above the asking price. The closing process went smoothly, and the sellers were thrilled with the outcome.