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Walter had lived in his house for over 40 years. He had raised his children there, and after they moved out, he had filled the empty rooms with memories and keepsakes.

But now, as he approached his 75th birthday, the house felt too big and too empty. The upkeep had become a burden, and he felt isolated in his neighborhood. Walter realized it was time to consider senior housing but didn’t know where to begin. 

His adult children were referred to us by a family friend. We listened to what was happening and knew we could help Walter collect all the information he needed to make the best decision for him and his family. 

We toured the family home during the listing appointment and discussed his options. Walter had a few golden years prospects when it came to senior housing. He could move into an independent living community, where he would have his apartment and access to various amenities and activities. He could also consider assisted living, where he would receive more support with daily tasks like bathing and dressing. And there was always the option of moving in with Sara, one of his children, although that wasn't his first choice.

Selling the family estate was part of the plan, and we discussed the benefits and risks during our first visit. We also provided a Net Sheet from escrow. This document shows an itemized breakdown of the costs of selling your home, including loan payoff (if any), escrow and title fees, and any other special city or county transfer taxes or mandated compliance when selling real estate.

Walter felt confident about working with us and the plan to sell the house, but he wasn’t sure about the next step. He decided to do some research before making any decisions. He talked to friends who had already moved to senior housing and visited a few local communities to get a sense of what they offered. He also spoke with his doctor, who recommended a few specific communities he knew had good reputations closer to his children. 

Eventually, Walter settled in an independent living community just a few miles from his son’s house. It was a new construction with spacious apartments, a fitness center, a pool, and many social events and activities. Walter liked having his own space and being part of a community.

The process of downsizing and selling his house was overwhelming at times, but Walter knew it was the right choice to work with us. He stepped back and let us hire a professional organizer and moving company. They helped Walter sort through his belongings and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to give away to family and friends.

Now, Walter is settled into his new apartment and loves it. His family visits several times a month. He's made new friends, joined a book club, and takes fitness classes several times weekly. He still misses his old house and its memories but Is grateful for the new opportunities and experiences that senior living has brought him.