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Gina Chai

Senior Specialist SRES®

Gina specialized in working with elderly clients who are considering to sell their homes and downsize or transition into a senior community.

Gina is well known in the Los Angeles community for her compassion and patience when it comes to working with older adults. She'll greet you with a warm smile.

Often clients are nervous about selling their home, as it holds many memories. Gina patiently listens as stories are shared about your life and the memories made in the home.

Together Gina and her clients work on a plan to sell the house. She will work with you to set a fair price for the home and put together a marketing plan to attract a top dollar selling price.

Gina will even help with logistics and be by your side every step of the way.

Originally from San Francisco, Gina studied Journalism at NYU before returning to Southern California.  Gina is a lover of animals, snowboarding, and of creating new experiences and is excited to  help YOU on your journey.