Brushstrokes and Bottles:

Painting with Passion at MorningStar Senior Living

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On a warm and sunny afternoon, the vibrant atmosphere of MorningStar Senior Living of Pasadena comes alive as a group of senior residents gather for a delightful painting session accompanied by the soothing clinks of wine glasses.

The spacious activity room is adorned with an array of colorful canvases, paintbrushes, and an assortment of paints, ready to transform the residents' creative visions into beautiful works of art.

Morningstar Senior Living Pasadena California, Senior Sales Expert, Shelhamer Group

Morningstar Senior Living Pasadena

The residents, filled with anticipation and a shared enthusiasm for artistic expression, settle into their comfortable chairs around individual easels. Each resident is provided with a blank canvas, a palette of vibrant paints, and an assortment of brushes, inviting them to let their imaginations run wild around the common vision which came from my colleague and fellow agent Kelsea Smith which was to paint their childhood home. The room is filled with the sweet scent of acrylics, intermingling with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the gentle melodies playing in the background.


As the session begins, art instructor and residential real estate advisor Kelsea Smith guides the residents through various techniques, encouraging them to experiment with colors, textures, and brush strokes. Laughter and friendly banter permeate the air as the seniors share stories, memories, and advice, forming a warm and supportive community.


The residents' artistic journeys take them on unique paths, some recreating picturesque landscapes from their favorite travel memories, while others immerse themselves in abstract expressions of emotion and creativity. The strokes of the brush become a form of self-expression, transcending language and age, as they breathe life into the blank canvases.


Amidst the artistic endeavors, the sounds of contented sips and gentle clinks of wine glasses provide a backdrop of relaxation and enjoyment. Carefully selected bottles of wine, accompanied by an assortment of cheeses and fruits, are placed on a central table, encouraging the residents to indulge in the flavors and relish the moment. The rich reds and crisp whites perfectly complement the vibrant hues on the canvases, adding a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere.


Throughout the afternoon, the residents share their progress, offering kind words of encouragement and appreciation for each other's artwork. The room fills with a sense of pride and accomplishment as the paintings gradually come to life, reflecting the unique personalities and experiences of each resident.

Morningstar Senior Living of Pasadena is a vibrant community of residents who share their stories, struggles, and joys. Among them are individuals living with dementia, facing the challenges that come with memory loss and cognitive decline. However, amidst their difficulties, they discovered the joy of wine and painting, creating rewarding experiences with their loved ones.

One such resident was Mr. Johnson, a retired sailor who had been living with dementia for several years. Once an artist in his own right, he had lost touch with his creative side due to the progression of his condition. However, alongside his wife Lisa, they decided to try something new together.

Mr. Johnson hesitated at first, unsure if he could still paint. But with the support and encouragement of his family, he decided to give it a try. As the soothing music played and the brushes danced across the canvases, something magical happened. Mr. Johnson's strokes became bolder, and he seemed to reconnect with the artistic skills he had thought were lost. The process of selecting colors, mixing them, and applying them to the

canvas brought him a sense of joy and accomplishment.


For his wife Lisa, witnessing this transformation was deeply rewarding. She saw her husband regain a part of his

identity that had been buried beneath the fog of dementia. They realized that even in the face of memory loss, the creative spark within Mr. Johnson remained alive.


The wine and painting session will become a regular occurrence, not just for Mr. Johnson but for other residents as well. Families will gather, embracing the opportunity to reconnect and engage with their loved ones in a meaningful way, as memories of the past continue to resurface during these sessions, sparking conversations and fostering a sense of shared history.

As the sun began to set, casting a warm golden glow through the windows, the session drew to a close. The residents gathered around, marveling at the colorful masterpieces they created together.

The paintings become cherished mementos, capturing the joy, camaraderie, and creativity that filled the room.

Mrs. Chang, another resident living with dementia, found solace in the wine and painting event alongside her daughter,

Lin. As they painted side by side, Mrs. Chang's once fragmented memories seemed to align, and she would recount stories of her youth with remarkable clarity. Lin cherished these moments, feeling blessed to witness his mother's vibrant spirit shining through despite her condition.


The wine and painting sessions not only provided a creative outlet but also served as a therapeutic activity for the residents. Painting allowed them to express their emotions, thoughts, and memories in a tangible way, fostering a sense of accomplishment and boosting their self-esteem.


Through wine and painting, the residents of the assisted living facility discovered a new form of connection, both with their own selves and with their loved ones. They found that despite the challenges posed by dementia, there was still beauty, joy, and fulfillment to be experienced. And in the process, they created lasting memories that would be cherished by their families for years to come.

With hearts full of happiness and bellies warmed by the wine, the residents bid farewell to a memorable afternoon with all of their unique paintings signed and left on the counter against the wall to dry.

The experience for me was rich and filled with sentimental moments. I felt a new connection with the residents and incredible staff at Morningstar Senior Living.

The experience has not only enriched their artistic abilities but also fostered deeper connections among them, reinforcing the sense of community and shared experiences within the adult assisted living care facility.


As they return to daily routines, the paintings find their place on the walls, serving as a constant reminder of the afternoon spent immersed in creativity, laughter, and the pleasure. The memory of that afternoon, a vibrant tapestry woven with paint and wine, lingers in their hearts, infusing their days with a renewed sense of purpose and joy.


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Painting with Passion at MorningStar Senior Living
Brushstrokes and Bottles: Painting with Passion at MorningStar Senior Living
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